Backyard BBQ Delight: Fresh Recipes for Summer Parties

Backyard BBQ Delight: Fresh Recipes for Summer Parties post thumbnail image

Do you want to do something new and different for your backyard BBQ this summer? If so, you’ll want to check out some of these great dishes.

Summer is the season of grilling in the backyard.  You can invite your friends and neighbors over for a great time together.  If you’d like to host several BBQ events this summer, you might want to change things up with some different recipes that can give you the variety you love. Here are a few great choices to give your friends and family something new to enjoy when they come to your house for a backyard BBQ.

Creamy Spinach Dip

Spinach dip can be tasty and enjoyable with your chips and side dishes. This dip pairs well with the wonderful flavors of the meat coming off the grill.  If you want a great way to help your guests stay cool during the hot summer days, this dip has the ingredients to make them feel a little cooler.  The wonderful green color adds to your table with the summer colors you love.  You can prepare this Creamy Spinach Dip ahead of time and save it in the refrigerator for your backyard party.

Deviled Eggs

One of the most enjoyable and easy-to-eat appetizers you can offer is Deviled Eggs.  These eggs aren’t too filling but add a bit of taste and enjoyment to your backyard BBQ. You can make these the day before your event and know that your guests will love them.  This recipe is a great place to start if you’ve never made these eggs before.  Eventually, you’ll want to add your own flavors to the mix to make a unique deviled egg recipe.

Citrus BBQ Chicken

If you’re going to serve grilled chicken to your party guests, you might want to try this delicious version.  The tangy and sweet flavors of citrus fruits can come through and give you a wonderful BBQ glaze that you’ll use on your chicken.  This amazing meat will be hard to beat when you serve it up this summer. Check out this Citrus BBQ Chicken recipe and see how much of a hit this dish is at your next summer event. Your guests will love it.

Cheesy Bread

When you host a summer backyard BBQ, you want to serve up food that’s easy to prepare on the grill, giving you the wonderful flavors your guests are sure to love.  This amazing Cheesy Bread only takes a few minutes to prepare, and it goes right on the grill.  This could be something your guests admire about your parties and want to get your recipe.  This bread is easy to enjoy; your guests can tear it apart and enjoy a few pieces while walking around the yard or add it to their plate.

Mexican-Style Street Corn Dip

Chips and dip make amazing appetizers, but you might not want to serve up the same store-bought stuff that you find at everyone’s backyard party. Instead, prepare this Mexican-Style Street Corn Dip and let your guests enjoy these fun flavors together.  Serve up this dip with some tortilla chips and get the party started the right way.  This is another item that can be made ahead of time, making it one of the best choices when you want to serve up some great appetizers.

Texas Brisket

When you’re tired of hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken, a great meat choice for your backyard BBQ is this Texas Brisket. This is one of the items that will take a long time to prepare, but when you do it right, it will be the hit of your neighborhood party.  You might have people asking you to make this brisket for their parties, which would be a huge compliment to your cooking.  Serve up this brisket and let your guests enjoy something a little less traditional.

Chocolate Bread Pudding

No backyard party is complete without dessert. This Chocolate Bread Pudding could be the perfect refreshing treat to end your night and give your guests something sweet to enjoy before heading home.  This is another item that can be made ahead of time, which makes it much easier for you to enjoy visiting with your guests without the need to focus on cooking and preparing food. Get ready to enjoy the sweet flavors as they come together in this wonderful take on bread pudding.

Its time for your summer backyard BBQs and you can have several wonderful events this summer with some of these great recipes.  Will you serve any of them to your friends and family this summer?

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